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Important Contacts!

Alimur Office 831-475-0252


Office Hours:
Monday and Friday 11am-3pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8am-12pm

Adam Evans, our new manager, will be on site at these hours at a minimum, but he is often staying later.


Download the Final Alimur Park Purchase Documents Here

Information Statement
(Overview of the Deal)

Final Purchase and Sale (PSA) Documents


Easy Access Files for Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and Member Lease and Rental Agreement
(Extracted From PSA Exhibits)

APHOA Bylaws

Alimur Park Rules and Regulations

Member Lease and Rental Agreement


Alimur Inspection Reports

Alimur Project Capital Needs Assessment (PCNA)

Sewer Inspection Report

Electrical Inspection Report

Gas Inspection Report


Clay Butler, President of the APHOA
Space 229

Upcoming meetings and events, committee activities and mobile homes available for purchase in Alimur Park - Soquel, California
Updated 11-20-16