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Mobile Home Park Soquel, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Capitola Manufactured Home Mobile Home Park10-22-07
The attacks on affordable housing and rent control never end!
Protect Rent Control -
Vote NO - The California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act on the June 2008 bollot

Not Good! Governor Scharzenegger vetos Assembly Bill 1542. This bill was going to close the loophole in Government Code Section 66427.5. This loophole is being used to push through "sham conversions" against the will of residents of mobile home parks. Fortunately the Governor seems to be most bothered by the aggressive rent control protections and not the idea that all conversions should be "bona fide" through use of a survey of resident support. View the Governor's veto message.

Contact the Governor
if you're not happy about this.

We Win! Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisiors Passes Ordinance to Prevent Sham Conversions Read Ordinance

In retaliation, Paul Goldtone (owner of Alimur Park )with the help of lawfirm Gilchrist & Ruttert, tries to sue Santa Cruz County for $15,582,000.00 Read Lawsuit

Learn more about Sham Mobile Home Park Condo Conversions

Link to Santa Cruz County Meeting Schedules and Meeting Minutes

View Survey of Needed Street Repairs >

Alimur Park.com is the home of the Alimur Park Homeowners Association. AlimurPark.com is NOT associated with Goldstone Properties and does not represent their views or the views of Alimur Park management.

Alimur Park Homeowners Association
Upcoming Meeting Schedule 2007
Meetings Are 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse on the
First Monday of Every Month

Come meet your neighbors and share what’s on your mind. Past topics included buying the park, park maintenance, upping the amps, skateboard noise and cat poop. See you there!

Meeting Dates

August 6th - Monday at 7:00pm
September 3rd - Monday at 7:00pm
October 1st - Monday at 7:00pm
November 5th - Monday at 7:00pm
December 3rd - Monday at 7:00pm

This site contains information about previous homeowners association meetings, upcoming meetings and events, committee activities, listings of professional services provided by Park residents, a photo gallery, and mobile homes available for purchase in the Park

Cats and Dogs Aren't Allowed to Roam Free

Many residents ignore this rule for practical or personal reasons. If you can't keep your pets indoors or on a leash at least have the decency to clean up after them. Nobody likes "poopy shoes".

Don't Skateboard on Top of the Park's Driveway Entrance or Around Blind Corners

Cars cannot see very well as they crest the hill and could easily hit you. Broken bones will really diminish your "grind time" on your board. Do us all a favor and skate in the open near your home.

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